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Seventeen years’ close ties with China ensure Acacia’s superior sourcing ability from China. The company has two representative offices in China, and have successfully sourced materials from India, Japan, Chile, Russia, and various countries in Europe.


Acacia has an exclusive agreement with David Michael and Co, a global manufacturer of flavours, natural colours and stabilizers, to be David Michael & Co’s innovation and distribution partner for Sub Saharan Africa. David Michael & Co, with its global headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and global manufacturing sites in Pennsylvania, California, France, Mexico and China is innovation driven with more than a third of its global staff compliment dedicated to product innovation and technical expertise.


Acacia have established an exclusive agreement with Saujanya Dyestuffs, the Manufacturers and Exporters of Food Colors, Lake Colors, Organic Pigment Powders, Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes, Solvent Dye and Basic Dyes, as innovation and distribution partners for the Southern African markets. Steady growth has been achieved by Saujanya Dyestuffs within a short period, due to sheer hard work, strict quality measures and sound business practices adopted by management and staff as well as establishing long term Global partnerships. Saujanya are a 100% Export Oriented Company.


More of our Key Commercial Partners are:


All our supplier relationships are founded on integrity,

support, and outstanding material quality. Naturally,

our strong relationships encourage competitive pricing

from our credible sources.


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